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Ambrose merle
2007-06-15, 17:39
I've been using Spybot S&D for about a year now, and I'd like to thank the creators of it for making it and supporting it. I love all of your products so far and find each of them equally useful. I'll be donating ASAP... Which might be a year, or two... :oops: I'm rather squeezed for money, and the need to get enough money to see my girlfriend is a priority right now. Just to let you know, just after this last New Years Eve my sister Ellie was being run over by adware and spyware attacks on her computer, so I refered her to you. She got about 179, or so items found and removed by your product alone! Because of your product she didn't need to reformat her computer, and was able to use almost all of her programs again, without a pop-up showing up, or something far worse happening. I seriously wonder how she maanged to get her computer so badly infected, but your program saved the day. Thank you, from her and myself! If anyone appreciates this program like I do, please reply to this post to show your support, I'm sure someone will appreciate it :)

md usa spybot fan
2007-06-15, 17:44
Ambrose merle:

You could pass this url along to your sister. It may help:
So how did I get infected in the first place?

2007-06-21, 09:45
I have been using this program for a while now and it is amazing. It works better than any other program I have used for my computer. The updates pour in very frequently and i like that. So, I signed up as a member really so I can say thanks. I can't say enough how awsome spybot is. Since I installed it on my computer I have been spyware and adware free. So thanks again. I will pass on the message about spybot search and destroy to all my friends and hopefully will be able to send in a donation or two soon.

2007-06-21, 21:54
Thank you Killeragoura, we are glad you like the program. :beerbeerb: