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2007-06-18, 21:21
not sure if this is right place to post. sorry if not. im using frontpage 2003 and when i try to do a mouseover with image swap i get that internet explorer script error. ive done a billion things from adware scans, virus scans, uninstalling/re installing ie6+7, reinstalling frontpage, checking settings in the advanced tab and even running a script debugger from the .js file. there is nothing wrong with the swapimg.js file in the office templates, and when i try to do the same function on another computer in the house it opens properly. i can post screenshots and whatever someone recommends, im trying my darndest to avoid a windows reload. please advise, thanks!!

2007-06-18, 23:53
I've never used Frontpage 2003,but I see a forum about frontpage here:

2007-06-19, 02:16
thanks, ive asked same question over there.

2007-06-19, 08:22
Ok,good luck,hope you get the answer. :)