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Bill Assumpcao
2007-03-27, 19:49
How do folks,
This's my first post since y'all moved to the new digs...
I've spent the last couple of days reading posts :coffee: and clicking links in an attempt to figure out if I've got a problem and I just gotta say...
...The volunteers here have got the patience of Job. Y'all deserve a raise for helping folks like me without making us feel any worse than we already do.
Thank you very many, :flowers:

2007-03-31, 17:53
Our volunteers appreciate your sentiments, thanks! :heart:

2007-05-12, 05:48
I wasn't sure where to post this, and it's my first visit since registration today.

I just wanted to say Thank You for your time and effort. I have been using Spybot S&D for close to a year and a half. When I had the $ I didn't donate, and now that I realize the value, I can't. I really appreciate what you all are doing here and will gladly donate when I can.

This software has been a blessing to me and has helped eliminate countless amounts of malicious garbage that is strewn throughout the Internet.

again, Thank You for this wonderful product.


2007-05-12, 17:36
Thank you Bill!

Glad you like Spybot-S&D, we appreciate our users too. :heart:

2007-05-23, 17:19
Seems like a appropriate place to say this....

Thanks to all of you who have the spare time and use it to help people in need out of the goodness of your own heart. :2thumb: It's people like you that make the world safe for democracy :bighug:

This was me :banghead: before I found this place.

For real though it's Ninjas :ninja: like you that make the world a happier :yahoo: place.

:bow: :bow: I'm not worthy :bow: :bow:

2007-05-26, 09:13
Thank you yasysay. :greeting:

2007-06-01, 03:49
Just wanted to say how much I appreciate this forum! I was infected with Smitfraud-c and possibly others of the same type. Nothing I did could get rid of it. Spybot could find it and then tried to remove it on reboot, but would then get stuck in a loop (reboot to remove, over and over etc). All the manual removal methods I found wouldn't work, because I couldn't find any of the files talked about, even with all the right settings for showing hidden files.
Then I came here, and just from reading and your advice, I got and used VundoFix, ComboFix, and gmer. Now, as far as I can tell, I'm pest free! :yahoo:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :bighug:

2007-06-01, 19:49
Thank you loris :flowers: and safe surfing.

2007-06-27, 13:46
Hey !

I want to thank the person/people responsible for this program and its creation. It is by far the best Anti-Spyware program, because of its effectivness/value for money ratio, providing many of us home users the best possible protection from A** r****** h***'s that like to steal all our valuable information :cool:
(Apologies for the french :oops: )

This program not only is a low mem usage program, meaning a fast user-friendly anti-spyware kit, but it is also FREE, It rules, and has some more advanced features than many of the other programs such as PC doctors version of anti-spyware!

Thank-you again for all your hardwork into making this such a great program

[By now of reading this, u probably have about 500 of my friends downloading this to get rid of all the spyware they get from torrentz, p*** etc lol :) ]

2007-06-29, 00:21
Add my thanks to the list, excellent product...

a donation is screaming towards SS&D from down under via paypal as I type this.....

Good stuff


2007-06-29, 09:39

Thank you very much for your donation. :-)
We are glad that you like our software Spybot - Search & Destroy.

Best regards
Team Spybot

2007-07-02, 00:58
yep, i agree this program is awesome, i got it after all of those "free" programs that make u pay to remove the viruses that made my computer very "ill":sick:, and in 3 secs u guys got out a weeks worth of searching so thank you guys very much : ) and i am donating as well : ) go u guys

2007-07-04, 10:23
thank u this program helps me more than i can say im so glad that i found it i love it its amazing

2007-07-07, 10:31
Thank you for this forum and for your program. I have my PC clean and safe now. A donation already send, Although I should do it earlier, before pay for Norton anti-virus (You can read my sad story with them in another thread) so I could spent more money to donate to seats like you and Atribune who really care for home users, and put all your effort to fight spyware adaware for free.
Thank you again

2007-07-09, 05:02
Hi everyone.

Thank you for your donations, and also the nice feedback which is much appreciated. :bigthumb: