View Full Version : No updates for Trojan.Win32.WMF.exploit

2006-01-07, 12:39
Been over a week since MS bulletin came out on WMF exploits, so how come SB' doesn't detect or even block this serious exploit? Luckily I accidentally ran across the bulletin and ran the MS fix. Only because of my accidental discovery of this exploit does it appear that I avoided it.

The hack appears to have been unsuccessful only due to my good luck at running across the MS bulletin and not any result of any of my half dozen anti-spyware applications (i.e.; the exploit download window popped up but the loading bar never ran while I googled the thing's name, xpladv782.wmf and I then canceled the downloading window).

Seems like only Pest Patrol is the only one currently equipped to deal with all the WMF exploits. Pity nobody else is on the ball.

md usa spybot fan
2006-01-07, 17:19
My anti-virus (McAfee) immediately reacted to the threat and added signatures to prevent the exploit. Since anti-virus programs, unlike Spybot, have active scanners that seems like a better way to handle such a threat.