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2007-07-03, 05:09
:red: I know that I am probably a silly tart but after running Spybot I got all of 3Bsoftware come up, Adaware, RealExpress and The microsoft old regular namely Microsoft / / InternetExplorer. Security et al. Now I know the reason for the IE security thing, its due to 3B software. However, I know that I leave alone the MS one and the reason why, and I am pretty certain that the 3B ones are OK as are the Adaware and RealExpress. The 180solutions was deleted. Question is are they bad news.

2007-07-03, 09:02

if I understand you correctly you have some scanresult with Spybot S&D and like to know if it is ok to leave it as it is since some may be false positives.

It would be best if you attach a Spybot S&D report file to your next post.
To get a report file after a scan, switch to advanced mode and navigate to tools - view report. Please check all boxes and click on view report. Export the report to a text file and attach it to your next post.

2007-07-03, 12:24
I do hope I have done this right, and gawd, how on earth or elsewhere do you scan my whole machine, merde.

2007-07-03, 13:41
Having interogated the real express which I shall NEVER use, I have deleted it, and the adaware also as it was very old anyway so I am now left with the 3B and the microsoft thing. I believe that Zone alarm altered that actually.