View Full Version : Softpedia Spybot "Tools?"

2007-07-04, 01:09

is available at softpedia (1MB) in addition to spybot 1.5 beta (7MB). What are the tools? They don't seem to do anything. Said it installed teatimer but my teatimer doesn't work (disappears)??

2007-07-06, 02:29
You have the oldest BETA out there. That version is old and has the buggy TeaTimer, which crashed. There is a more current version out now, which can be had off the 1.5Beta2 page http://www.safer-networking.org/en/spybotsdbeta/index.html

But I wouldnt get this, as they are getting ready to put out 1.5Beta3 version real soon. This will be the most debugged version yet, one step closer to 1.5 Final