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2007-07-05, 20:22
Important: this is just a preview of what will appear integrated in Spybot-S&D 1.5. I decided to make it available as a teaser since I promised something for today ;) Feedback is welcome, but "official beta feedback" is needed only once you got the updated full package (going to make that next).

download link (http://www.safer-networking.org/files/beta/ImmunizeV2.zip)

You need to extract this into an existing Spybot-S&D folder, since it needs the regular data files.

I did already mention the features in another topic, so here's just a quick overview: much improved Opera support (Content-Filter and Cookie-Filter as well), new Firefox/Mozilla/SeaMonkey/etc. support, Hosts file usage integrated, display of details for each browser and category and more.

A not really up-to-date screenshot, known from the other topic:

2007-07-06, 02:06

Looking good man!!

2007-07-06, 17:05
Downloaded ,unzipped, placed ImmunizeUIv2.exe in C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy.

Unblocked the file, double clicked to open: shows pic 1.
I don't have Firefox, Opera or Mozilla so the fact it's not showing those is OK. But Nnotice all 0 under protected (Spybot's regular immunize shows all blocked).
I have mvps.org HOSTS file, Spybot's not added.
Clicking check or undo or immunize gives error box. clicking show bug report on that box gives pic 2.

XP SP2, IE 7 all updates except .NET framework 3 (have 1.1 and 2). Spybot last detection update 03/03/07. Tracks.uti currently renamed tracks.sbi so I can scan for tracks.

2007-07-06, 22:29

That it's showing "0" at first is ok, you need to click the Check button once :)
Integrated into Spybot, it'll automatically check when going to that page (just implemented :) ).

The second one is difficult to guess from these very small screenshots (does the forum resize them?), but I do see one crash report from someone who has reported this, and it's probably the new animation I talked about that's not showing up: http://www.safer-networking.org/images/spybotsd/ImmunizeWall-Base-64.gif

I'll improve loading of that animation, will be fixed in the integrated version :)

2007-07-07, 04:38
Sorry about the small size. I just took a screen shot of the window, did not shrink it at my end.

Would you like me to send the bug report, or is that not functional in this demo?

The bottom line does say cannot open avi. Is that avi internal to the .exe? no separate avi file is apparent.

2007-07-07, 16:43
It should have been internal, but I made a mistake in including it, that's why it worked in-house here, but not for you ;)

I'm now looking for another very small last-minute idea...

2007-07-08, 01:57
Is this supposed to work in Vista? When I run it (with or without admin privileges) it doesn't work. I tried to send a bug report, but that doesn't work either. For reference, I'm using the x64 Vista.

The issue occurs when I click the "Immunize" button (or the "Check Again" button, but I assume they are caused by the same problem). I made screenshots of everything since I couldn't send the error report:

Main program window. (http://www.gt500.org/images/spybot/imunize/imunize_v2_error.png)

First tab of bug report. (http://www.gt500.org/images/spybot/imunize/imunize_v2_error_bug_report_page_1.png)

Second tab of bug report. (http://www.gt500.org/images/spybot/imunize/imunize_v2_error_bug_report_page_2.png)

Third tab of bug report. (http://www.gt500.org/images/spybot/imunize/imunize_v2_error_bug_report_page_3.png)

Fourth tab of bug report. (http://www.gt500.org/images/spybot/imunize/imunize_v2_error_bug_report_page_4.png)

Fifth tab of bug report. (http://www.gt500.org/images/spybot/imunize/imunize_v2_error_bug_report_page_5.png)

Sixth tab of bug report. (http://www.gt500.org/images/spybot/imunize/imunize_v2_error_bug_report_page_6.png)

Seventh tab of bug report. (http://www.gt500.org/images/spybot/imunize/imunize_v2_error_bug_report_page_7.png)

Eighth tab of bug report. (http://www.gt500.org/images/spybot/imunize/imunize_v2_error_bug_report_page_8.png)

If you need any other info, then just let me know. ;)

2007-07-08, 02:55
Your bug report shows the same problem: cannot open avi. PepiMek has posted above yours that will be fixed in next release.

2007-07-08, 14:50
Just use the download link at the top again, it now contains preview 02 :)

In addition to the AVI fix, I also tested the skinning mechanism I'm going to implement (as an optional! feature) into main Spybot-S&D, e.g. here skinned in Windows Media Player style:


2007-07-08, 20:15
Thanks for the update. It works perfectly. ;)

I did notice that in Vista, it doesn't immunize against everything when running with normal user privileges. When I ran it as Administrator, it immunized against the rest of the items. Should this always be run as Administrator under Vista, or does it need to be run as a regular user as well?

2007-07-08, 21:20
Thanks, works for me too. I was able to get some of the immunize protection, omitting the domains so as not to have the IE7/Outlook problem. A very useful extension of the immunize function.

2007-07-08, 21:49
works for me too!!

Very nice Pepi

2007-07-08, 22:35
@GT500: ups, yes, you need to immunize with elevation. When you do this, no further immunization by users is needed. It should say so even, at least it said so before I added the new immunization, will check if the warning is still in there.

2007-07-09, 07:01
@GT500: ups, yes, you need to immunize with elevation. When you do this, no further immunization by users is needed. It should say so even, at least it said so before I added the new immunization, will check if the warning is still in there.

I don't remember a warning, but that doesn't mean that I was actually paying attention when it was displayed. ;)