View Full Version : Feature Req: ignore cookies

2007-07-11, 17:14
I'm posting this hear as I'd like to hear other people's feedback. The one feature I've wanted most out of Spybot for the past few years is the ability to ignore/skip cookies.

Cookies may be technically part of ad ware, but my interest in Spybot has always been in the removal of malware or true spyware (things that silently report back to a website). Between software improving the past few years and running a more secure setup, I never get infections on my PC anymore, but when I run a scan, it's actually annoying to see 20 or so items appear, which I then open each one up to make sure if it's just a cookie or something serious (registry entry, file).

Am I the only one who really doesn't care about anonymous ID cookies that random banners use and re-use? I'm not asking for this being a default behavior at all, I'm just asking for a checkbox somewhere that allows me to skip/ignore cookies and ONLY cookies.

2007-07-11, 19:53
If you speak about those cookies appearing in green (usage tracks): So you just use the Mode menu to switch to advanced mode, click the Settings section, select the Ignore Cookies page, and you can at least tell it which cookies to ignore.

For the "red" cookies: like with any other product, switch to advanced mode, click the Settings section, select the Ignore Products page, and from the "Cookies.sbi" tab, select all products listed there to ignore all cookies.

Has been in there for years :)