View Full Version : PC-Rail (UK) Order.txt = Netspy??

green knight
2007-07-17, 15:40
S&D V1.4 is telling me the file order.txt and shared DLL entry for order.txt for the PC-Rail signalling sims contains Netspy. I am presuming this is a false positive. It also says the registry entry HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDlls\C:\Program Files\PC-Rail\Order.txt is affected as well.

Both AdAware and CA Anti-Spyware (formerly PestPatrol) do not condemn this file or registry entry.

Can I ignore this warning?

2007-07-17, 16:13

this does not appear to be a false positive since sharedDlls are supposed to be dlls and not files with txt suffix.
But to make sure please submit the file to detections-at-spybot.info with a Spybot S&D scan report.