View Full Version : web update doesn't work

2007-07-18, 11:02
I'm behind a NTLM proxy that requires authentication.
The web update doesn't work, just like previous versions.
do you plan to fix this before 1.5 goes final ?

2007-08-30, 19:51
anyone ? webupdate still doesn't work for me.
is it needed some special port to use it ?

2007-08-31, 19:07
Actually, it was difficult to find information about "NTLM proxies"... I've been told that they're outdated. Does anybody use such at home? In a corporate environment, you have the central Spybot-S&D update server anyway.

So, I wouldn't call this "fixing"... fixing means fixing bugs, what you're requesting is a new feature ;) For an outdated (as far as I've been told) thing that only you seem to need. Unless someone can provide a lot of details what this would need, I don't see a big chance there, sorry.