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2007-07-20, 02:28
I know this is a topic that has been here bofore, but I cant recall who, what, where and why. So I bring it up again!

I have not cared much for the shredder that is working in SpyBot for sometime. Doesnt do that good at all. So I was wondering if you could get permission to use this shresser, which I like alot. Its 35Pass option is best and is award winning too. Not sure if they would allow it or not, but would be cool if they did.


If not, then maybe consider allowing SpyBot to just dump all tracks and stuff into the Recycle Bin and then recommend that peeps install this shredder, which has a RighClick option on your trash bin, to shredd your trash. Which would give SB one less thing to worry about. But, I would love to see this or another good, lean, effective shredder with in SB. Maybe not one that shredds everything you want it to, but at least shredds SB's stuff.

But if this one could be installed same time and SB made to work with it. THis would be very effective.

Just some thoughts!

2007-07-20, 11:48
That one looks very much like the one we've been recommended anyway for quite some time!

I just looked at the newest version, it even has a SDK for Delphi, so that other applications might interface with it as well. So using this to remove files might be easy to integrate. Also, it would be possible to add this is a small update to tools.dll (which is responsible for deleting files) at any time, so it would not strictly be tied to any fixed version.

See issue 28 (http://forums.spybot.info/project.php?issueid=28) :)

2007-07-20, 16:06
Oh hell ya!!! this would be awesome!!

Anyway it could be here for the 1.5Final, as in, included with it?

2007-07-24, 12:37
More important is another update to tools.dll which improves malware removal capabilities. I've written the code that would use Eraser if installed, but first this other update needs to get tested and out really.

2007-07-24, 18:34
This is good news, I look foward to this!

Ready to do more beta testing, as soon as your ready with the next client!!

2007-08-02, 16:55
I notice we had an updated TOOLS this yesterday! :D

2007-08-09, 15:02

version 5.84 was released yesterday

(EDIT: To add, that this is a VISTA release)

2007-08-09, 19:18
(EDIT: To add, that this is a VISTA release)

I'm going to go find out if it's x64 compatible. Thanks for the info. ;)

2007-08-10, 02:36
yes, there is a x64 version.

2007-08-10, 14:19
The tools.dll update that was beta last week and is public this week is a different one, but since there seem to be no problems with it, the Eraser stuff can now be integrated.

Regarding x86 vs. x64 - Spybot-W&D will probably require the x86 / 32 bit version installed because the API access is only possible from the same platform (e.g. only 32 bit applications can use the 32 bit Eraser, only 64 bit apps can use the 64 bit Eraser). They probably should create an Eraser that installs libraries for both therefore (while the GUI could be 64 bit).

2007-08-10, 20:48
... They probably should create an Eraser that installs libraries for both therefore (while the GUI could be 64 bit).

They could probably rework the API so that it was capable of initializing the 64-bit version from a 32-bit program. I've seen software that has far more complex integration of 64-bit and 32-bit binaries, and doesn't appear to suffer any performance slowdowns, so it's obviously possible.