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2007-07-25, 06:32
version 2002

I know you have fixed it but
When i found the white font and language bugs i didnt realize these issues.
1. When the font is white and cant be read properly if you go to skins and select spybot original skin it fixes the font and makes it readable but closing spybot and restarting the problem reverts and the font is white and unreadable again.
2. Install additional languages checkbox on the installer shouldnt be selected by default.
3. When using the installer and selecting install updates immediately it went weired and i dont quite get it, the updates downlaoded but thinks theres no directory for them or says select directory and spybot directory doesnt exist because it hasnt been installed yet and so i have to re download all again.
Not sure, will test Candidate release

2007-07-25, 15:01
1. Yes, fixed :)
2. Well, the default installation type is "Full installation". And anyone wanting a "Full installation" will except it to be full, everything else would be quite confusing. What should the complete be called otherwise? "Fuller installation"? :D:
3. Hmmmm... let me see if we can pass the path directly, that might make things easier anyway...
edit: issue 29 (http://forums.spybot.info/project.php?issueid=29)