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2007-07-25, 17:45
I just ran the update process and installed the newest definitions - todays and it said immunize after this has been downloaded, well i went to immunize and nothing needed immunize and i went to about spybot and it was still listing the old definitions the ones from the 18th.
And so instead of scanning as i normally would after downloading updates i restarted spybot and found the about changed to the 25th and when i went to immunize it needed to be done and there were new threats to immunize.

This only occurred when i restarted. The new definitions are'nt used/activated until i restart and so i ask can't you fix this?
Maybe activate them after download, like a refresh, or force the spybot to restart by default after download of updates.
It makes sense since the updates arent used until spybot is restarted so if someone runs a scan with the new updates its pointless.

2007-07-25, 18:55
How about one of the most important things with bug reports: which version is this? The immunization has recently changed as you may have read, so it's important to know if this was in the old or new immunization code.

2007-07-26, 06:25
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2007-07-26, 19:09
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2007-07-29, 03:34
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2007-07-29, 15:57
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