View Full Version : [Fixed] Odd HOSTS file immunization entries

2007-07-26, 15:47
Starting with a clean HOSTS file (" localhost" as the only entry) SpyBot adds the following odd entries:

Line Odd Hostname
---- ------------
381 f*ckdenniss.com
382 f*cknicepics.com
409 free-f*cking-video.com
591 needf*cknow.com
710 satisf*cktion.net
1088 infospace.com/blsrch.dp.toolbar
1140 /rf104.com
1432 game4all.biz/adv/018
1433 www.game4all.biz/adv/018
1543 apps.deskwizz
1544 www.apps.deskwizz
---- --------------

These do not appear to be valid HOSTS file entries. Can they be corrected with the next update? TIA.

2007-07-26, 23:49
Hmmm interesting, will check how they got there ;)

md usa spybot fan
2007-07-27, 01:08
If "/rf104.com" turns out to be an ineffective entry because of the a slash (/) at the beginning of the entry, there are 78 additional entries starting with slash (/):
In addition there are 86 entries that begin with a dot (.) which is also seems unusual:

2007-07-27, 02:57
Weird. I'm now seeing the ones starting with dots, but not with slashes (except for /rf104.com).

2007-07-27, 05:07
I started with a clean hosts file. In Spybot, Tools, hosts page, clicked add Spybot Hosts. I saw the ones reported by md usa spybotfan, both looking at the hosts file in Notepad and in Spybot's hosts page.
Then I went to immunise page, with the hosts box checked, it at first showed 0 protected. I clicked immunize, and it showed all 5782 protected. Looked at the Hosts file in Notepad and in Spybot's hosts page and all the / entries had disappeared except for the /rf104.com.
The . entries remained.
That is very odd, but may explain the differences reported.

2007-07-27, 13:26
Are these added by the Hosts File section or by the immunization?

From that last post, it seems like it was fixed in Immunization, but not in the Tools section ;)

issue 32 (http://forums.spybot.info/project.php?issueid=32)

md usa spybot fan
2007-07-27, 16:35
I reported on the HOSTS file as added with Spybot-S&D 1.4 > Tools > HOSTS File. Here's a partial listing from Notepad: searchmadesafe.net quicklaunch.com www.cashsurfers.com .lop.com .tjdo.com /tjdo.com .ebav.com /ebav.com .ebgo.com /ebgo.com .ebaw.com /ebaw.com .ebkb.com /ebkb.com .ebmu.com

2007-07-27, 17:24
Fixed :)

md usa spybot fan
2007-07-28, 20:03

Thank you.

md usa spybot fan