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2007-07-26, 18:59
I am using it also happened in

Every time I start Spybot or the updater they try to access the floppy drive. Is this intended? This happens on 2 diferent PC's one is running XP and the other is running Vista.

Its not really a problem for me because I rarely use my floppy drive but it is annoying hearing it trying to be accessed.


2007-07-26, 19:06
I think this is intended to happen. Cause if there was a disk in place, it would scan it for bugs too.

2007-07-26, 19:43
But what reason would the updater need to access the floppy? :scratch:

2007-07-27, 01:07
I suspect, that if there is a disc there, that it will SCAN that disk as well. So it polls the drive, if nothing is there, it moves on!

2007-07-27, 13:22
For the main app, wk357mag got it.

About the updater though, I'm not quite sure, I guess that's just a side-effect where the drive checking is in some generic startup routine of something that's used in both (e.g. trying to locate registry hives etc.).

2007-08-21, 01:30
Updater still does this in RC1.
Is there any way to manually disable the floppy disk check? RC1 the immunization process seems to be faster. (to me at least :) ).

2007-10-28, 02:24
I am reviving an old computer that uses windows 98 se. The floppy drive appears to be broken, so when I try to open spybot, I can hear it trying to access the floppy drive, then nothing else happens. I can't even look at the start page, it never appears. Any suggestions? Thanks!

2007-10-28, 02:31

You can skip the drive a check:

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