View Full Version : V1.5 bug? (authentication problems)

2007-07-26, 21:07
I installed the V1.5 beta about a week ago, on a Win2K Pro desktop machine.

I use a Verizon PCMCIA card for wireless broadband.

I can't be certain that the problem is related to the install, but if they are not, they occurred very close to the same time.

Now when I attach to the Verizon network, the Authentication phase of the connection process has gone from less than 10 seconds to as much as over 90 seconds.

I have installed and tested the same card in a notebook PC and do not have the problem -- it works just like it did before.

I have uninistalled, as completely as I know how (including deleting directories,etc.) V1.5, and have downloaded and installed V1.4. The problem has not gone away.

I believe the authentication problem is also happening on a VPN connection I make to a client system. It seems considerably slower complete the connection.

Also, CompuServe (via the Verizon connection) is slow to connect, and sometimes gives a "detected a problem with the connection" dialog.

Once I'm actually connected, to Verizon, to the VPN connection, to CompuServe, things seem to work OK.

I use Tea Timer.

A scan by Spybot, and by McAfee, shows nothing.

Is there anything else to undo or delete to make certain that ALL of 1.5, and whatever it may have changed, is gone?


2007-07-26, 23:48
Please take a look at the immunization, and undo the Hosts immunization part.

In 1.4, you can probably do the same thing in Tools -> Hosts File -> Remove Entries.

2007-07-31, 08:19
I was able to go where you directed in 1.4 and restore the backup hosts file (which contained only the entry), and things are back to normal. Thanks!