View Full Version : [Spam] Newlanguage options proposed

2007-08-12, 17:09
Spybot comes with all languages by default.
I propose the following:

1. in the installation file 'install all languages' is turned off by default. Windows doesn't install all languages by default along with all well known software.

2. If idea number 1 is dismissed then how about a drop down box/list thing with the caption 'Select language' and you choose the language you want installed with spybot.
Much more professional and well established.
That way not all languages are installed :bigthumb:
Also if no language is selected make the 'Next' button invisible or faded and not possible to press until a language is selected.

Please vote on poll.

2007-08-12, 17:09
Hmmmm a. I see no poll, and b. the setup already asks you for a language when starting it?

edit: topic closed because of users mockery.

2007-08-12, 17:13
haha i have no idea