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Always Confused
2007-08-18, 23:29
No way to reproduce this, at least not that I am aware of, so it is posted only to report that it happened:

Installed v., went into Immunization, where I was told that it likely would not work unless I logged on as Administrator.

Given that I am the administrator, I was quite puzzled by that message, and by noticing that Firefox and Mozilla were not showing on the Immunization screen.

Tried to get into the help file to see if anything there would assist, but the help files did not work.

Restarted Spybot, and Immunization included Firefox and Mozilla, and worked correctly.When it was done, I tried Help, which also worked.

So, all I can do is report a possible start-up problem; if no one else encounters this, then it must have just been a "This happened, sorry" event.

2007-08-19, 16:41
Are you an administrator on Windows Vista? If so, please take a look at FAQ #042 (http://www.safer-networking.org/en/faq/42.html).

Admins on Vista usually work with user rights until an application asks to be elevated. When you install Spybot-S&D on Vista, you have to agree to let the installer elevate (run with full administrator privileges); I'm not quite sure how the installer will start Spybot-S&D when you choose the option to run it at the end of the installer.

If you're not on Vista, the explanation for that message will get much more complicated :D

Always Confused
2007-08-19, 18:30
Sorry, I failed to state that this was with Windows XP Home, SP2.

(As a charter member of KICS, "Keep It Complicated, Stupid"), I hereby offer you the opportunity to provide that much more complicated explanation for the message in question...).