View Full Version : feature request - statistics again

2007-08-19, 06:15

1. In statistics, the Last Found and Last Fixed options don't work for me, they don't do the oldest date to the most recent date or the most recent date to the oldest date.

2. Also can 'Scan Results' be an easy to find option, like that shows you the date, time and results of each scan, like avg does, maybe in the main window

2007-08-19, 16:25
Release Candidate = no new features for now!

There are no options named "Last found" or "Last fixed"? :blink:

And if you would just browse the last topics on this beta forum, I've already rejected to put everything on the first page, since these are not essential options and we want to keep things easy for newbies.

2007-08-19, 17:03
the recent and oldest options i eman are the dthings in the category tree, i dont know, just go to statistics and look at the last found and oldest points, they dont work

2007-08-19, 17:25
Hmmm I guess there's some misunderstand about terms /words here. How can some text columns in a table "not work"? How exactly do they "not work"?

For me, they "display", and they allow "sorting". Neither of these two is about "working" :spider: