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2007-08-23, 17:55
The last time the Tea Timer box displayed properly was in the last release candidate before Spybot 1.4. Beginning with 1.4 Final and right up to and including 1.5 RC 1, the box is compressed at the bottom—exactly where the end-user is asked to make an accept/deny decision.

Here is a jpg.

2007-08-23, 18:16
Could you please check the TeaTimer.exe file properties, and tell me which file and product version it shows?

This really sounds like you're still using the old TeaTimer.exe, since the displacement was caused during runtime by a bug that was fixed by Borland shortly after the 1.4 release.

2007-08-23, 18:19

Probably you have not uninstalled the old version right.

In order to completely uninstall Spybot - Search & Destroy, please consider the following link:

It is important to use the 'very small fix'. This is how to use it:
On our website please right-click the 'very small fix'-link and choose 'Save as'.
The small fix will then be downloaded. Now you can execute it with a double click on its symbol.
If this does not work, you can right click the small fix download and choose 'Merge'.
Now all entries that belong to Spybot - Search & Destroy will be deleted from the registry.

Then make a fresh install.
Please download the new Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.5 Release Candidate 1.
This should fix it.
Here is the download link:

Please do not forget to update afterwards.

Best regards
Team Spybot