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Always Confused
2007-08-23, 19:06
Firefox; Windows XP Home, SP2; Spybot

I've seen this a few times before: Yesterday, everything was immunized. This morning, in my in-use Firefox profile, there were eight-each nonimmunized entries for Images/Installations/Popups, and 2 each for Cookies.

Knowing that I had installed a new extension in Firefox yesterday afternoon (after having run the Spybot immunization process), I tried to determine if that might have caused the non-immunized entries.

Therefore, I tried installing and removing another extension in Firefox, to no avail, as all Firefox entries remained immunized. So, sorry, I have been unable to figure out what specifically could be causing this problem. I only know that it exists, and seems to occur at random as I've been checking Spybot Immunization several times a day since first seeing the Firefox problem.

2007-08-23, 23:32
And the reason is not that between yesterday and today, new updates were released and new entries might have been added? ;)

Always Confused
2007-08-23, 23:49
No, no updates to Firefox for some time now: Last update shown in my Firefox update history was 28 July 2007.

The only other updates/installs were the extensions I mentioned in my first message in this thread, namely the one yesterday and then the one that I experimented with today. And, as written, the experiment did not change the Spybot immunization.

2007-08-24, 00:51
Hmmm I meant the Spybot-S&D update, not Firefox updates ;)

Always Confused
2007-08-24, 01:08
Okay, but again, no, as I wrote: I updated Spybot yesterday monring, and ran Immunization.

It was after I had immunized Spybot, with no further updates to Spybot, that the immunization for Firefox changed.

To the best of my recollection, this was the same thing that happened previously, with an earlier beta-release of Spybot: Update Spybot, immunize, and then find that the immunization for Firefox had changed without any intervening update to Spybot.

I don't remember seeing any such changes to the immunization in the earlier event for Internet Explorer, nor for Mozilla, nor for Windows, although I am not positive about that. I believe that the changes were only to Firefox's immunization.

However, I do know that the immunization change I saw earlier today was only for Firefox, and that it was only for the in-use profile. I have two Firefox profiles, one of which I use only for testing; it was not in use nor had its immunization changed.

Unfortunately, as I've already indicated, so far I'm unable to force the Spybot immunization change by doing anything in Firefox.