View Full Version : Updater doesn't react - freeze issue

2007-08-24, 20:06
Hi Team Spybot,

I use RC1 with newest Updates. A few minutes ago I open Spybot S&D. Then I click on "Update". After about 20 seconds I click on "Search"... but there was no reaction... 5 min gone... Spybot freezes... :-(

The Taskmanager says: "Keine Rückmeldung" (No feedback) I can't do something any longer with Spybot.

Have a nice weekend. :)


2007-08-26, 14:16
That sounds a bit spooky, since the updater is a separate application, and even if the updater should freeze, Spybot-S&D would not freeze.

If you hadn't mentioned clicking on "search", I would have guessed that you've run it from a network drive and the Windows dialog which asks whether to run the app or not is in the background (thus blocking Spybot-S&D)...

So, just to make sure: you're speaking about the new, separate update window, right?

2007-08-26, 14:52
I don't run it from a network. I had this freeze issue with the new, separate update window AND with Spybot SD.exe... I can't do anything... taskmanager said no feedback to both windows... both applications freezes...

I also want you to know that I have this problem about 20% when I try to update... Spybot running on Windows XP Home (Service Pack 2)... same problem with Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 4)... but only since 1.5 beta

I don't know why I have this problem... hope you can help me... because I think it's not a bug, etc...

2007-08-31, 18:47
Can nobody help me ?? :sad: