View Full Version : activate quickreply on this forum?

2006-01-14, 10:47
is it possible to activate quickreply on this forum?

2006-01-15, 00:23
I will ask. :)

2006-01-23, 20:20
are there some news?
normally this can be done in Admin menu

2006-01-23, 23:33
Hi there.
I will nudge my previous query to the webmaster.

There have been reports of high server loads causing the quick reply option to stall and cause message errors.
I am sure no one would like that. :)

However I would like to know if others are also requesting this option.


2006-01-23, 23:46
once this option is enabled in the admin menu, each user can decide if he want to enable or disable this function in the User CP :bigthumb:

2006-01-24, 01:31
Yes that is understood.

However if this option caused errors we could be faced with questions to respond to about that.

We have many topics for Spybot-S&D and malware removal support that are priority. ;)