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2007-09-05, 01:54
I installed v1.5 over v1.4, no problems except there were two entries in the Add/Remove Programs of Control Panel (XP SP2)
My question: I now have 'unins000.dat' and 'unins000.exe' dated 06/01/2005 and 'unins001.dat' and 'unins001.exe' dated 09/03/2007 (obviously from my v1.5 install).
Can I safely delete the earlier versions of the .dat and .exe files from the Spybot folder??

FYI, I removed the v1.4 entry from Add/Remove using jv16 Power Tools.

Thank you,

2007-09-05, 11:09
There was a small change in the uninstall information - we now use an application id instead of the product name there, and that causes the new installer to not recognize old installations in that regard. If you did install into the old folder, you can safely remove the old files, yes :) (no registry entry pointing to them any more anyway, and the new set would now be better suited to remove the current installation)

2007-09-05, 18:16
Thank you, PepiMK! Those were my thoughts, but, not being a guru, I wanted to make sure the old *unins* files did not have a role in the uninstall procedure before deleting them. Actually, I was more concerned with possible conflict during uninstallation.

I appreciate your timely response and useful info.