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2006-01-16, 17:47
Why when I run spybot, I let it fix all the problems found, but nothing changes? I still get the same pop ups, and if I run the program again, it finds the same problems it supposedly fixed? What am I missing? Also, I can run Norton, and Microsofts anti-spyware, and it does the same thing, finds a bunch of stuff, fixes it, but it never goes away.:confused:

2006-01-16, 17:50

Perhaps that are cookies that return?

Which items do you mean exactly?
What are they named?

Do you have the resident protection of Spybot activated?

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Team Spybot

md usa spybot fan
2006-01-16, 18:10
Suggestion: Run another scan or scan/fix. After you are done, right click on the results list and select "Copy results to clipboard" then paste the clipboard into a new post. That way we can see the actual detections that you are getting.

Also, if you have multiple user accounts on your system, are you running Spybot, Norton, and Microsoft AntiSpyware from a "Computer Administrator" or a "Limited" user account?