View Full Version : My Spybot 1.5 block www.gazzetta.it ... because ??

2007-09-16, 23:04
Hy boys.. i'm italian and i want to explain a bug of this new spybot 1.5.
With Internet Explorer 7 i can't enter in some site... now i'm found one:
It's the home page of the plus famous sport journal in italy and i can't access on it.
I have try to access it without the SDHelper and i can access on site without problems... it's normal ???
Can i fix this ???
Can i view all site blocks the SDHelper ???

2007-09-17, 20:12

When the SDHelper (IE plugin) blocks something, it can tell you. Just use the "Spybot-S&D Configuration" menu item in the Tools menu of IE.

Other blocks (immunization: "Windows: Hosts file") would operate through the hosts file, in which case a notification isn't possible.

Perhaps it is blocking a cookie.


2007-09-18, 10:46
this issue has been fixed
gazzetta.it is accessable normally again. You may need to update Spybot S&D and restart your Internet Explorer.

The blocking of Gazzetta.it and other italian websites was due to false positives.