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md usa spybot fan
2007-09-18, 18:46
"SDHelper" Browser Helper Object (1.5)

Possible problem:

If you first go into Internet Explorer > Tools > select "Spybot Search Destroy Configuration" > then in the "Spybot-S&D - Configuration" "Settings" tab under "When encountering bad things" and change the setting among one of the following:
Block all pages silently
Display dialog when blocking
Ask for blocking confirmation
If you then right click on the TeaTimer system tray icon and run your cursor over Resident, the changes made above do not appear to be reflected by a checkmark on the correct item.


Modifications to Spybot's "SDHelper" Browser Helper Object with version 1.5 allow the storing of actions to be taken when using "Ask for blocking confirmation". The information is store in the following files:
Is there any method to edit those files similar to TeaTimer's > Settings > Black & White list?

2007-09-18, 18:56
More about the question can be found in issue 72 (http://forums.spybot.info/project.php?issueid=72) (an user interface option was indeed missing :red: )

Regarding the TeaTimer vs. SDHelper thing, I've created issue 81 (http://forums.spybot.info/project.php?issueid=81) for that :)