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2007-09-26, 18:08
Currently, it would appear that if you have enabled the download of Beta updates, Spybot will enter a loop where it installs the latest version ( Then you go out and get the updates (as the number of items are < 30k), and the update you just installed is in the list (2nd from the bottom). It downloads all the updates and then restarts the install of v1.15.1.15, and the loop starts.

My solution so far is to NOT check the "β1.5" (2nd from the bottom) when updating the 1st time after the Beta install. Whew!

See my post at CoU for a screenshot.

Otherwise, thanks for the great app!

2007-09-26, 19:01
You can fix the Problem by using Version


2007-09-26, 19:43
Probably was a matter of the (up to...) version this update was for. I decreased that setting to an early august build and will test myself :)

2007-09-27, 08:55
Thanks for beta - SB loads very fast again (XP, HE) and everything is working fine.
Everythinhg?... ;)

- Still the immunization-"problem" with the Opera-Cookies (146) [9.50 Alpha, Version 9542 --> http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/ ]
- "File Sets" -> "Usage Tracking" -> Doesn´t want to fix "MS DirectInput" (2 entries: "Most recent application" and "Most recent application ID")

Well, little small minor bugs, but bugs :)

2007-09-27, 10:29
Opera is on the list here (http://forums.spybot.info/project.php?issueid=80); those two entries you mentioned probably do have limited write access for the user account you're using (don't ask me why, but DirectX sets up some funny access rights for these). 1.5.1 has some methods to adjust rights before removal where possible, will have to check if that is for files only or also for registry entries, in which case it would be a bug.