View Full Version : Associated files are still in use - scheduled scan

2005-11-02, 15:46
I recently upgraded to v1.4 over the top of my existing v1.3 installation. I have a full scan scheduled for 7am each morning. Since the upgrade when I come to my PC each morning I get the message:

Some problems couldn't be fixed; the reason could be that the associated files are still in use (in memory).
This could be fixed after a restart.
May Spybot S&D run on your next system startup? YES/NO

I then get a confirmation:

x problems fixed.
1 problems could not be fixed. Please restart your computer!

I have tried allowing Spybot to run after the next system startup but it doesn't find any problems! Also, if I run Spybot 'Check for problems' manually (i.e. not using the schedule) I don't get this problem!?

Any ideas how to get rid of this daily message?