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2007-10-15, 08:17
If you use PayPal or eBay get the $5 security key!

I get lots of e-mail spoofs from so called "PayPal" and "eBay" servers.

1. Don't click on the links if your name isn't used or you are asked to verify your information.

2. Forward all PayPal or eBay spoofs reveling the full header of the e-mail sender to spoof@paypal.com or spoof@ebay.com. Make sure to forward the full header of the e-mail or they can't track it!

3. Spend the $5.00 to get the security key.
It is a small digital display that you use AFTER logging into PayPal or eBay. It asks for a number of digits. If you don't put in the new numbers that changes about every 30 seconds then your account will not be able to be accessed.

You can also enable it to be used for eBay after you log-in.

It works!

Read more here:

2007-10-15, 09:12

Thank you for the heads up. :) To avoid a post being tagged as commercial spam, please be careful not to tell our users to go pay money for something. ;)

Thank you for your understanding.

2007-10-15, 15:54
I understand and didn't think about my choice of words.
This is NOT a commercial endorsement, just a added option for added security to help those wanting more.