View Full Version : Has someone taken over my computer?

2007-10-23, 04:12
I noticed that I was continually getting low on virtual memory pop-ups and my system was slow. Dell said it sounded like a virus and would not help me. I could not log on to the internewt the other day from this computer, but could from another. I contactd Verizon and eventually he to said I probably had a virus/spyware. He walked me through bringing my computer up in safe mode and the there was my name and an administrator. He said that the administrator was someone that got into my computer. He then pointed me to do an on-line scan through Trend Micro House call. I told him that I had already run it through Spybot 2x and found nothing. It did find things and I deleted them. I still can not make changes to my computer, forexample when I try to change the start-up programs it tells me I need admin rights? Do I still have a virus? Can you help? I just ran spybot again after updating and it found somethings but right beofre it was done it said my system was full. I have plenty of space? PLEASE HELP!!!

2007-10-23, 07:52

Please see the stickied procedure for this forum: "BEFORE you POST"(READ this Procedure BEFORE Requesting Assistance) (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=288)

Copy/paste the HJT log and result of the on-line anti virus scan into a new topic, I will close this one as helpers look for zero response.