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David Arnatt
2006-01-24, 06:07
To answer your question

If you work with Web based programs you will find alot of them are made for Internet Explorer.

Mozilla is perfect for surfing and visiting your favourite sites.
Here i have to use Internet Explorer for such programs as our "Citrix ICA" and alot of internal based programs / webpages but at home i only use Firefox / Mozilla :D

I Have no idea why he would say you can't use any program bar Internet Explorer unless he thought you may have a MAC or Linux machine as their browsers may not be compatible with XHTML or what code he may be using.

2006-01-24, 21:37
Moved from malware sections

Hi phil_j , David Arnatt
Ive moved your post here since posting advice in the malware forum is not done by none authorized helpers.
"Only authorized helpers may give malware removal assistance in this forum."

2006-01-25, 17:19
Thanks David :)

David Arnatt
2006-01-27, 04:21
No problems, experts :D -