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2007-11-14, 06:32
Hello, long time user first time poster. I upgraded to the beta because of loading time, however now when i try and use the Immunize "Undo" button (SpybotSD.exe) uses 99% CPU and the blue progress bar just stops at...
Unprotected = 45022
Protected = 46614
I Use Firefox and Internet Explorer.
I had to kill the process after i watched an hour of TV and came back to the same unmoved blue bar.
Can anyone else confirm problems with Immunize "Undo"? Thank you.

2007-11-15, 22:16
Hi Seth,

I had problems with the immunisation with and but not with I removed the immunisation each time before uninstalling the installed version and installing the next one.

Removing the immunisation for just Firefox under took tens of minutes of CPU. I went and had dinner and left it an hour and half and it had eaten up of half and hour CPU time on a venerable 450 MHz Pentium IV.

Make sure your browsers aren't running before you try removing the immunisation.

Immunising Firefox totally crippled it - Java Scripts in pages on the Mozilla web-site were timing out on me.

If you're not already using Adblock Plus and NoScript, then have a look at them on the Firefox add-ons site. I think you can get NoScript for the other browser as well.