View Full Version : Slow Startup with Online Armour

2007-11-23, 23:48

1. This is Slow Startup with, not

2. This is NOT a large hosts file vs DNS Client services - the latter is disabled.

3. This affects two venerable, very similar, P-III systems but does not appear to affect a much more recent Sempron system.

4. All three systems run Windows 2000 Pro SP 4 with the latest MS security updates. Software installed is as near identical as I can make it. Likewise system and program configuration.

5. Symptoms observed while logged in as Administrator.

6. Symptoms are that SpyBot startup takes ~ 75 s instead of ~ 15 s. The extra 60 s occurs after the 'progress bar' has filled up completely. Task Manager shows that Spybot is hogging the CPU (again).

7. Symptoms disappear if I do one of the following [sorry, UK spelling]:

a) uncheck the «Immunise on program start if program has been updated» setting on the SpyBot advanced settings.

b) close and shut down Online Armour.

8. The version of Online Armour I am running is The Firewall is uninstalled - I'm using just the Program Guard. Online Armour lists Spybot and its updater as «trusted» programs :heart: and so should not be interfering.

9. My immunisation is 'none' for Firefox and 'all' for the Other Browser and the hosts file.

10. Spybot is up to date so there should be no question of updating the immunisation.

11. I suspect (again) an unfortunate interference with the host file. Can you shed any light on this ?

12. I will be joining the Online Armour forums and comparing their response to yours.

13. You can get Online Armour yourself from www tallemu.com.