View Full Version : spybot-s&d 1.4,,,,cant update !

2005-10-21, 07:29
spybot wont work on windows xp home adition.
i just got this new pc this month 10-13-05 and installed it yesterday
when i went to click on search for updates it said socket error,,conection confused ,,it cant search for updates,,,no its not my fire wall.

i thought it was supposed to work on windows xp.

2005-10-21, 11:40

Please take a look at your security settings of your firewall (if you are using one) and make sure that Spybot-S&D is not blocked. That should help to get into the updates. If Spybot-S&D is not blocked it is also possible that our server is temporarily not available. Please try it again a few hours later.

If this does not help please download the updates manually:
Here is the direct download link:
Just download and run that file - it is selfinstalling.

Best regards
Team Spybot

2005-10-22, 21:02
I couldn't update with 1.2 either. I have tried to set proxies but my browser connection settings show 'direct connection to the internet' - so there are no proxy settings to copy over to S & D.

The error message is "Error retrieving update into file! Socket Error (hash) 10057. Socket is not connected" .

How do I update? Using Windows XP Pro



2005-10-23, 00:22
Hi KissKiss, Just installed SpyBot myself 10.22.05 and it seems to be working fine. My OS Windows XP Home, McAfee AV + Firewall along with a NAT in my router. My Firewall does insist on all programmes being given permission to connect to the net, wonder if yours is the same????

2005-10-23, 16:46
i will try it again,,, i will do a fresh re download of this program and see what happens:)

2005-10-24, 15:55
sometimes the update doesn't work for me at all, so I just download them manually, and restart spybot.