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Luiz Cireno
2006-01-30, 07:21
Since i read the sticky thread from Tashi only after doing my last post......

my name is Luiz Cireno as you can see on my loggin name...

im from Brazil and im helping the translation of news and stuff from the brazilian language site of Spybot S&D.

Im on college studying Software Engineering(Actually ill start next week) and just have a passion on freeware stuff / opensource and i hope to be as good as possible to give some better help here.


Luiz Cireno!!

2006-01-30, 16:15
Welcome Luiz! :waving:

Glad to have you with us :beerbeerb

2006-01-30, 17:52
Hello Luiz, welcome to the forums. :)

2006-02-02, 22:11
Luiz, boa vinda

I hope I translated that right

Anyway welcome aboard. :beerbeerb