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2005-11-03, 01:14
To whom it may concern,

I opened up Ignored Products in Spybot and discovered that some of the products I would like to delete. Does anyone know how to delete them permanently?

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2005-11-03, 01:28

In ignore products simply check the box next to the ones in question.
They will no longer be detected (if present on the system) during a scan.

Hope that helps.

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2005-11-03, 05:30
I discovered that I have a lot of products like malware and trojans detected by Spybot. I don't think that I need some of them, is there a way to manually remove them with Spybot and not just disregard it in the scanning? Thanks a lot!

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2005-11-04, 01:47
I had previously asked for how to remove spyware products manually, but I got a reply of how to exlude them from scans. I'm not trying to exlude them from scans because I don't need them on my computer, period. Thus, can someone please help me to figure out how to manually remove the products, just like Sypbot does when it detects product problems? Thanks.


2005-11-04, 03:00
I find your descriptions a little confusing.

I take it you are actually saying you have an infected computer and wish to receive assistance in removing the infection?

You will need to go to a forum that specifically removes malware; we are not currently setup to do so.

A good place to start:

Choose a site from the list on the left hand side of that page.
It is a long list so to shorten it in no particular order:

MalWare Removal
Spyware Warrior

Once at the site read the procedure for posting a HJT log, start your own topic and an authorized helper will assist you as soon as possible.

Be sure to read the site's faqs for tips on prevention and tightening up your computer security.