View Full Version : [Solved] The fix to skip floppy check is incomplete

2007-12-13, 00:08
I have upgraded to Spybot version 1.5 recently. I was suprised at the new version accessing my floppy drives on start of each module (SDHelper, TeaTimer, Spybot, updater component etc.). I searched this forum to find out how to get rid of this annoying feature, downloaded and installed the new files referred to in the issue #76. Unfortunately, this has only removed drive A: access, Spybot still fiddles with my floppy drive B:. Could you please extend the fix to the drive B:?

Thank you.

2007-12-13, 10:19
You can do that yourself - right now, you've probably used the default tweak, FloppyVolumeInformation=1. Change that to FloppyVolumeInformation=2, and it will skip drive B: as well :)

(and btw, the HE beta 2 full package is mostly newer than those single files)

2007-12-16, 00:34
Great, it works, thanks!