View Full Version : halloween version problem

2007-12-13, 14:20
After downloading patched version of spybot by the spybot team, everything was done smoothly. However, when i booted up the comp the next day, my explorer (namely explorer.exe) could not work well because of the file SDDelFile.exe was duplicating as a process and flooded my computer. It replicated until about 200+ processes and i had to kill the processes one by one. Wat is happening? Can u tell me the problem and the solution to it?

2007-12-13, 14:24
why do you post the same question in three places?

2007-12-13, 14:27
i need fast help as i totally rely on spybot to scan my computer for spywares. well u can say that i am desperate

2007-12-14, 12:15
I downloaded the halloween version provided by one of the spybot team members. However, problems still surfaced after i scaned and deleted some files that spybot detected. but when i booted the computer the day after, a file named SDDelFile.exe flooded my processes and i had to kill these 200+ processes via the task manager before my computer is back in order......... is there any solution to this?

2007-12-14, 21:27
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