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2007-12-18, 13:30
talking about word games, i just have to mention freerice.com

Basically it is like a quiz to test your vocabulary.

You get a multiple choice answers

and for word you get right 20 grains of rice are donated to the united nations to help stop world hunger

(anyway, it is a really fun and addicting game)

url: http://freerice.com/


2009-08-18, 00:43
The difficulty of the response is finely graduated; this increased the fun level: I timed out of SpyBot!

2009-08-25, 00:18
Yeah and you can now change subjects!:bigthumb: Grammar, Geography, Algebra, and Art.:eek:

2013-08-08, 09:12
I've been playing this for years and years in another forum. I still open the site.. play a little every time I walk by the computer and just let it keep filling and filling and filling...

I've given the site to a lot of school teachers, too!

I feel smart now. LOL


2017-09-04, 15:03
wow thank you for this really good and interesting game