View Full Version : Bad Products now blocked???

2005-11-04, 04:01
Maybe a dumb question...
When I installed Spybot on my WINXP Home Svc.Pk1 machine "immunize" gives me 2511 bad products now blocked.

When insatlled and immunized on another WINXP machine with Svc.Pk2 (I think it is svc.pk2) I get 7266 bad products now blocked.

Is this because of the different service packs? Will the program get up to that many blocked for my service pack1 machine or am I doing something wrong?? Thanks whomike

David Arnatt
2005-11-04, 04:40
Make sure on your computer that you have installed the latest Spybot updates,
I first thought installing v1.3 with latest updates would be the same as 1.4 with latest updates.

I had about 3,000 blocked products, after installing v1.4 on another machine on the domain i found out that it blocked another 3,000 products.

Make sure you have the latest updates and v1.4 from here..