View Full Version : Spybot Christmas Presents, Part 4: (kind of) (mostly German) news aggregation

2007-12-20, 13:33
Just a small one today (not the last one this year though), and sorry if it's not of so much use for people who do not speak/read German.

We've been collecting links to news about spyware/privacy related issues for years, and a simple internal list wasn't quite fitting for that purpose any more. Playing around, we decided to use del.icio.us (no, this is not advertisement, it was just the first thing that we found that could handle this task nicely) to allow everyone from our Team to easily provide links to a common searchable bookmark list. So don't take this as a serious kind of news aggregation, but more like us sharing some of our bookmarks with you.

The downside of this is that we mostly bookmark German news pages currently, so there are only a few English language bookmarks in there, for BetaNews news, and in the future, we'll attempt to bookmark the English instead of German Heise articles. But if you read German and are looking for new or old news on a special topic (e.g. you want to view the history of the Vorratsdatenspeicherung discussion, or to know what's up with the Facebook user tracking everyone spoke about), feel free to head over to del.icio.us/Spybot (http://del.icio.us/Spybot).

2008-01-06, 17:24
We now have a few Heise Security UK english language news in there :)
Unsticking thread though ;)