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2008-01-05, 01:10
when opening Yahoo chat profiles I get an..
http://ad.yieldmanager.com/st?ad_type=ifran/tagASaurus (http://ad.yieldmanager.com/st?ad_type=ifran/tagASaurus) warning.the allow option is not usable.. only the block option is clickable.if I dont have a choice why ask me what to do? in versin 4 the tea timer button size was incorrect, fixed by using resorce hacker.is there a fix for the unusable button on 1.5s bad url blocker?

2008-01-05, 08:19
My apoligies.shortly after my previous post I found a setting I was unaware of. Clicking on the teatimer icon in the system tray brings up a menue. Under the heading "Resident IE" ticking the "ask for blocking confrmation" enables the accept button on the bad url warning notice.