View Full Version : [Fixed] Secure Shredder

2008-01-06, 20:04
How do I delete folders/files that are not on the Template? Is it even possible?

2008-01-06, 21:07
in the secure shredder page in spybot, just right click on the white area and choose 'add file(s) to the list' :crowned:

2008-01-06, 21:11
But, there is a bug which does not show the added item, but it still shreds (I just tried!)

As an alternative, you can also drag files on to that white screen

So to delete files, I would drag them onto the white area, or if you don't mind not seeing what files you have set to delete (hmm!) just use the right click context menu!

2008-01-06, 21:23
also see this:


2008-01-07, 05:46
I deleted 2 "invisible" files using the Right-Click (context) method and subsequently verified their deletion; however, after highlighting files in Windows Explorer, I was unable to drag those files to Secure Shredder. Files remained in Windows Explorer. Any advice - Am I doing something wrong? FYI - I am using Windows ME.

2008-01-07, 13:46
I don't think you can use the 'drag n' drop' technique in ME. I think that may be the reason, im running spybot on Win XP!

You will have to use the right click context menu. At least the 'invisible' bug has been fixed, but as it hasn't been incorperated into the latest version (1.5.2), so we will have to wait for the next version...:cool: