View Full Version : How long does it take to test with S&D ?

2008-01-07, 22:55
Hello at all! Glad to found this forum.
so my question is
How long does it take to test with S&D ?
I guess, it may depends of various parameters, but what is the approximate normal time ? (in not-extended regime, in default).
I'm asking because some time ago this test took me no more 10-15 minutes or so, but now (coincided with some updates) it takes about 30-40 min.
Is it ok or what ? or before it was not normal, but now is ok ? :fear:

2008-01-07, 23:20

on my xp machine a scan takes on average around 30 minutes. Scanning times vary, depending on many factors i.e. what scanning piority you set spybot to scan in, if you run applications during the scan ect


2008-01-08, 16:11
thx for your reply
now these 30 minutes seem to me not so scary :santa: