View Full Version : Problem with cram tool bar

2005-11-04, 18:03
Spybot finds a reference to cram toolbar. program tells me it fixed the problem removed 1 file. when i reboot the program tells me the file is still there. any help would be appreciated, this is my first post I hope it is understandable.

md usa spybot fan
2005-11-04, 20:03
Others have reported a similar problem as a possible false positive in this thread:
Cram Toolbar

If the detection in that thread is the same detection (problem) that you are getting, I would ignore the detection for the time being and if you donít get an answer here, keep your eye on the other thread.

If you are getting something other than that, please post the actual detection that you are getting.

Note: Itís late in Germany so you may not get a definitive answer until Monday.