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2006-02-05, 22:33
I seem to have a problem, atm, and am not sure where to go for help. At times, my (maximized) window in focus has it's border shift 'toward' me on the screen, meaning the bottom edge shows as overlapping the task bar. If I minimize every window that is open, then reopen the window I am working in, this effect changes back to normal (i.e. the bottom edge of the focused maximized window is 'behind' the task bar again). To normalize, tho, the last type of window I need to open/close is a Windows Explorer folder. Any ideas? I am not sure how to fix this, and I also have a 2nd part to maybe the same problem.

In the registry, I chanced to find a hidden or encrypted entry, under Acrobat Exchange. When I search for the entry using regedit or RegHance, nothing is returned. Each value (see below) I have found has been under AcrobatExchange folders, and all under the subfolders for Run/Command. There are either one or two values in the Command folder, one is a regular url for an adobe site, and (if present) the 2nd is always the encrypted(?) one, which reads the same in every entry:

34t l'i'z5(68 q5 !!!!!!Reade rProgramFile s>l{ n^ry?O t@2d1 lc!YJQr "%1"

Pardon the spaces, when I googled it, there was only one return, and it was to a professor at a czech institute, so I dunno if it matters to avoid making another reference yet. Again, there are no spaces in it, just the usual one before the "%1". The page that google returned could be viewed as an HTML, from google cache. It was encoded. If needed, I saved a page copy.

I deleted the entries from my registry, and the window overlapping is still happening.

I use Norton N.I.S. 2005 updated, XP SP2 updated, SpyBot 1.4 udpated has not found it, nor udpated AdAware Free. HiJackThis 1.99.1 fixed a few minor things, tho not spyware related. The microsoft malicious removal tool has not helped, and I am at a loss.

Can I be referred somewhere, or what logs should I run and post? Thanks!

md usa spybot fan
2006-02-05, 23:30
Can I be referred somewhere, or what logs should I run and post? Thanks!
To request assistance in identifying and getting rid of malware on this site, follow the instructions here:
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Then post the requested information in the following forum:
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2006-02-06, 22:50
I still have to get to do another on-line scan, but I am sure that it won't return anything, as I ran one from the Symantec site a little bit ago, and the problem was not recognized.

If it matters, an 'Adware.180.' entry (pardon, I forget which atm) was recognized by N.I.S. 2005 (Updated), and gave the location to find the file, but the file was never there. The Symantec on-line scan did the same thing. When Spybot was updated, some time in mid-January, the SnD scan picked up the file and removed it. Must've been a registry entry, or something, dunno. It'd showed up on my system around the same time as the windowing problem, if anyone else has mentioned something similar or not.