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2006-02-08, 03:08
after running spybot, it lists "Wild Tangent" (which is just for games) and says it's spyware. What's up with that? Why is it listed as Spyware? should I delete it?

Luiz Cireno
2006-02-08, 04:39
the only thing that i can say for you is to wait someone here come and help you cuz sometimes you think that it is just for your game but its stealing some information from you.

Spybot-S&D cares about the health of your computer but they also cares about your privacy.

2006-02-08, 10:58

Spybot-S&D detects WildTangent, but the wdengine.dll belonging to WildTangent is not detected.

WildTangent is needed for some games and comes with AOL IM.

There is a lot of information in the internet about WildTangent, e.g here:

If you want to remove it, please check if something is left in Windows Add/Remove programs. If there are remains of WildTangent please uninstall them. Alternatively, switch to "Advanced mode" via the menu bar item "Mode" and select "Tools" --> "System Startup" in the left bar and remove the WildTangent entry.

Best regards
Team Spybot

2006-02-11, 22:59
yah but is wildtangent malware or is it just a game program?

2006-02-12, 19:31
From the link spybotsandra provided:

The vendor's write-up about the information WildTangent collects: "We collect certain system configuration information through our software such as your computer's CPU speed, video card configuration, and DirectX version. We use this information to adjust the way our games and other software work in order to ensure their best possible performance. We also collect certain product usage information through our software such as the number of product launches and time spent playing a product.

If you don't mind software calling home then it isn't spyware.
If you do mind, then it is. ;)

md usa spybot fan
2006-02-12, 20:08
I personally think that the biggest threat concerning WildTangent is its Updater which can do silent installs/updates of software. I don't even let Micosoft Windows install automatically (I have it set to: "download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them.") and Windows doesn't do it silently even when set to "Automatically download recommended updates for my computer and install them".

2006-02-14, 06:13
thx well I guess i'll disable it using spybot

2007-01-15, 02:02
Spybot picks up Wildtangent as spyware but as it says here (http://support.wildgames.com/wt_nsp.html), specifically this excerpt:

How did WildTangent get on my computer?
WildTangent is an online video game software company with partnerships with many companies like HP, Dell, Compaq, Logitech, AOL, and others. We package our games with their products such as computers and computer peripherals. We do not install our software onto your computer without your knowledge and consent.

If you have found WildTangent software on your computer, but didn't install it, it was installed onto your computer in the following ways:

Your computer manufacturer, such as HP, Dell, Compaq, or Gateway, preinstalled the software and games on your computer.
Playing any of our games, like Polar Bowler, Blasterball or Tradewinds, or any AIM Games, like Lexibox and WildCards, will install WildTangent on your computer.
Trying one of our games from our website partners like MSN Gaming Zone, Yahoo and Shockwave. To view all our games, please go to our WildGames (http://www.wildgames.com/) website.
Someone in your household, especially children, has played or downloaded any one of our games.
It is not possible for our software to automatically install itself on your computer; it must be installed specifically by one of the methods we list above.

I disregard it as a threat, because it came installed with my Dell laptop as stated in the excerpt above. I regard it as a false positive.


2007-01-15, 08:28
Spybot doesn´t pick up WildTangent as spyware. It is classified to be PUPS, as stated in the description for WildTangent. If you want to keep WildTangent, please tell Spybot to exlude it from further searches. To do so, just right click on "WildTangent" in the scan results and select "Exclude this product from further searches".

2007-03-05, 18:16
After reading your post I understand what WildTanget is a little better. So, my question is what if it was deleted?

Everytime I start up my computer I get a Error message saying "WildTanget" module can not be located. What should I do about this? My computer has been running very slow, no matter what I have tried, I have clean out all the temp files etc. I have scanned for virus etc and nothing comes up other than the above error message about WildTangent.

Should I reinstalle WildTangent and if so how would I do this? Would missing part of WildTangent cause my computer run slow like this?

Thanks, Sandie

2007-04-10, 07:56
WildTangent's software has never been spyware. It's never installed without a users express permission, it does not self update without the installing user accepting a EULA and choosing automated patching. The updater never tracked any personally identifiable information, it was used to automatically update games to fix game bugs or deal with new driver or OS bugs. WildTangent's games and old updaters all come with full standard windows uninstall support. If a user uses S&D to remove the old versions of the WT updater it can damage the updater and break the standard uninstaller causing the updater to run rogue. The best thing to do in this case is reinstall the game from its original source, then uninstall it. This process will fix the broken updater then remove it cleanly.

Modern Wildtangent games and the WildTangent game console no longer self update because of consumer spyware concerns. All WildTangent game updates are now manual requiring the user to expressly request a patch.

-Alex St. John
WildTangent CEO

2007-04-21, 09:29
As a computer tech, I thank you Mr. St. John. I wish all software created to entertain and advertise were on the same playing field as the one you describe Wildtangent has became. Personally I have been removing Wildtangent for years, agressively at first, then I noticed a change in its behavior, and it became more of a, "do you play this?" instead. I cleanup many machines for unschooled web surfers and any program that is heading away from the "Oh Crap list" is on the right road for users and longevity. Again I feel honored to see communication at the trench level. Hey, and Thank you Spybot for so many years of useful automation of "Oh Crap" removal! now, if we can just get rid of all those zombies!

2008-08-03, 17:34
I just ran my usual weekly Spybot S+D scan.
Earlier in the week I downloaded Windows Live ID (aka windows messenger), but haven't used the program yet.
After running my scan today,the red entry for WildT angent came up with 2 entries! :fear:
I chose to "fix" the problem. I did write down the associated files, but have no idea what they mean.
I do not use AOL, nor am I a "gamer", so how did this program get into my system?
My system is set up to auto update, so that well may be the problem.
I surely would appreciated some help in this matter. I've been reading thru some other posts on this subject, but as a novice, I don't understand the terminology:sad:
Feedback is much appreciated.

2008-08-03, 20:40
You can get it when you install a game "sponsored" with WildTangent. I have installed once Bejeweled 2 by PopCap Games which is sponsored with WildTangent. Strange thing is when I've uninstalled it, and scanned with spybot, it did not found anything. Note that I didn't used internet for playing it.

2008-08-04, 00:12
Problem is....I [I]didn't[I] download any games....hmmm.......
I was,tho, clicking on some of my desktop icons to see what they were all about.
Again,preloaded stuff from Microsoft. I do believe they were associated with games, but I sent them to the recycle bin.Perhaps just by clicking on the icons, my system was "infected"?
I am leery of WildTangent and any other "bugs" that may have crept in. Can you please explain in "novice" terms how WildTangent is considered spyware?
Sure do appreciate your input.

2008-08-04, 04:02
read the whole thread again
wild tangent has modified it's behaviour over the years
wild tangent sends information home
wild tangent can get installed along with other apps
other apps which are malware can use a wild tangent app to sucker you into downloading their crap
it may come along bundled with other feebies

no need to uninstall if you love your wild tangent game and you are sure that no friends came along for the party
you got it straight from the source and not from a link/ redirect
if it did come bundled then wild tangent is the least of your worries

keep your enemies close but your friends closer

2008-08-04, 04:45
In my perspective, I really don't think that you can get "infected" by just clicking on a desktop icon, unless that is a '.exe' (executable) file or of some malicious sorts.

What I can tell you is that removing WildTangent or letting it stay on your computer is up to you. What WildTangent is and what it does is explained in the thread, and of course there are other threads regarding WildTangent in this forum.

No one knows your computer better than you do :santa:. So, take a look and reconsider.

2008-08-04, 05:47
drragostea has it right
just think of wild tangent as a SYMPTOM
you may or may not have a Disease
IF you have a disease- What is it?

round up the usual suspects
not to get paranoid but a safemode scan with spybot and immunize
full scan with your AV
secunia advisor and get everything up to date
spyware blaster
see the stickies on How did I get Infected- etc

2008-08-04, 08:16
The Secunia Online Software Inspector:

So how did I get infected in the first place? (http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=279)

2010-05-11, 06:17
i just ran spybot and of course it found the wild tangent. but for what ever reason it will not fix that problem all it does is the hour glass will be showing and thats it like it is stuck.
it does not freeze up but in the task bar manager it say spy bot not responding. so after a long time i just finally hit the x to close it

so i ran spy bot again and again it did the same thing like that program is some how messing with spybot and will not let it remove it at least from my system and then i check the task bar again and again sbybot not responding

not sure what else to do
but according to one post i guess the person who made that program claims it is no longer sending info back to the server so he says
is he right or pulling our leg

i do not play games either except solitaire

2010-05-11, 10:21

WildTangent also comes with AOL IM.

There is a lot of information in the internet about WildTangent, e.g here (http://www.kephyr.com/spywarescanner/library/wildtangent/index.phtml).

If you want to remove it, please check if something is left in Windows Add/Remove programs. If there are remains of WildTangent please uninstall them. Alternatively, switch to "Advanced mode" via the menu bar item "Mode" and select "Tools" --> "System Startup" in the left bar and remove the WildTangent entry.

Have also a look if this folder ist still on your system: C:\WINDOWS\wt
If yes remove it and its whole content.

Please also make sure that you are running the latest version of Spybot - Search & Destroy including the latest updates.

To see which version number and/or updates of Spybot - Search & Destroy you are using please run Spybot-S&D and choose "Help" --> "About" in the menu bar.
There you can see which version you have and which updates are installed.
It should be version 1.6.2 and the updates from the 2010/05/05.

Best regards
Team Spybot

2010-05-12, 02:55
just surprise that it does not delete the program. looks like i will have to do it manually. thanks for the link
it just tried to access the internet my other program ask what to do with it i had it stop it.
i like other people no program should be even allow to be installed unless i say ok no matter who its from. i just want the one program not add on but the company's i guess feel they can get away with it for now.

thanks for the help

yes i do have the newest version of spybot and all the updates