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2008-01-24, 23:48
The latest beta is 1.5 he-beta 2. What is the actual version number of this beta?

2008-01-25, 01:10

The latest beta is 1.5 he-beta 2. What is the actual version number of this beta?

he-beta2 (aka

1.5.2 Release Candidate 1 (aka is here: http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=22299


2008-01-25, 14:22
:bigthumb: Thanks

2008-01-25, 20:04
Hi there,

I have a simple (?) and a litlle bit "naive" questions:

1. Presently, I use the Beta version and the program run smoothly. Should I move to ver. ?

2. What does it mean "aka" in the program no: aka ?

3. What does it mean 1.5.2 Candidate 1 ? Is there any Candidate no. 2 ?

4. Where is any Subforum (or Project related Forum) on functioning of ver. ?

2008-01-26, 04:40
aka means 'also known as'
The version shows in Spybot/About as version, but it is also the first release candidate for the forthcoming version 1.5.2. Generally in developing software, beta versions are released to testers, then, as the bugs are ironed out, if the developer feels the software is almost ready, there may be one or more release candidates, testing of which may reveal a few remaining bugs. Then the comes the final official release.

As is not a final version, the right board is this one.

2008-01-26, 19:41
Many thanks Rosenfeld,

I am extremely sorry for a series of really very stupid questions. It was the case due to my mental sclerosis; a tentative - I do believe :laugh:.

Well, I am not so young. Of course some time ago I pretty knew what is "aka", "ot" and other such things - and I simply have forgotten.

But my last question was unbelievable !!! Being on the right board and asking where it is (i.e. subforum) - it was a comedy :scratch:

OT: !! Is it possible to make the simple smile icon accessible directly on the right panel of the form for entering the replays at your forum ?
Presently, we have only the icon :laugh:. And for the icon :) we should press "More" - and then seek within a very large icon windows. Or: we should make this icon manually; well, only two characters are needed but ... . It is not convenient; and the "simple smile" icon :) is used very often.
Could you arrange something with it ?

Very, very sorry once again and thanks for your patience in answering to "such" questions.
My best personal regards,


2008-01-26, 23:58
No question is stupid :-)

BTW :-) is what I use for smile. I don't use the emoticons.

(BTW= by the way :-))