View Full Version : s&d conflicts with webroot?

2008-02-01, 05:23
hello again,

ive asked before about some system internal entries in the s&d tools section. every thing has been running fine until today, at restart we had some hangups, pc locked up etc. i do know s&d has some conflicts with webroot [i have spysweeper installed] and ive recently installed webshots desktop firewall. i turned off the desktop fiewall for now [with webroot startup manager] and the spysweeper is shut down, and ive got it up and running.

i have been tinkering with s&d tools and the wdf. trend micro [i have their anti-virus/spyware] picks up and quarentines adware memwatcher which i understand is part of the s&d immunize process. i also noticed in task manager, after shut down of spysweeper and wdf, sysweeper.exe thowing up some usage, as well as a couple svchost entries showing usage off and on, once in a while spiking. once i restarted the net connection most of that subsided.

is it possible ive built up some conflicts with these installs?? is it possible the wdf is causing some of it?? i dont know if ive allowed or blocked some things it shouldnt have?? or could i have an infection that got by ? [hjt doesnt seem to show anything new, scans are clear]

i have had help on tech support guy forums, would i be better suited to posting this there [where theyre familiar with my previous problems]??

any thought are appreciated,, thanx